Court overrules the anti-begging law as unconstitutional

             On Wednesday, April 10 2013, the Court overruled the Anti-begging law in Michigan because it went against freedom of speech. The case was Speet, et. al. v.  Schuette. James Speet and Ernest Sims were two homeless men who were arrested by Grand Rapids police for asking for change. The Anti-begging law in Michigan was legal for the past 85 years and only now overturned. The counter argument for this was that beggars beg for money for drugs or alcohol.


              I am personally glad that this is gone. Not all people are begging to mishandle the money. This law was unreasonable and unfair. James Speet was also arrested once before, for asking for bus fare. That has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. Some people need the basic things like food and money to create something to take care of themselves. If other states have this law, I’m hoping it soon goes out.