‘Robbed’ the bank

In August 2013, Timothy Alsip, a 50 year old homeless man in Oregon, robbed a bank of 1 dollar. But instead of running away or showing signs of being a maniac, he sat in the lobby and waited for the police to come and arrest him. A charge of second-degree robbery was dismissed but he is in jail for not being able to afford the bail money on a third-degree theft charge. Apparently he’s been trying to get arrested for a while. He says he done this “robbery” for the health care.

Timothy Alsip robs bank

Many homeless people have been trying to get arrested for the health care and a roof over their heads. This man sadly couldn’t afford health care before. It’s unfortunate that in order to obtain health care in this country, Alsip had to take drastic measures. In a “rich” country, no one should hope for jail just to have medical treatment.




Just a concerned parent

             In September 2013, Robert Small, a concerned father, was arrested for simply asking a question about the Common Core school system. There was a meeting for parents and school district leaders in Maryland to discuss education and Small was constantly interrupted by the leaders while trying to get his question out. In the middle of speaking, when being interrupted didn’t work, the security guard showed up and forcefully moved him out of the area and arrested him. Small was very upset that all the other parents weren’t saying anything while he kept trying. He was possibly looking at 10 ½ years in jail just for having a question.FirefoxScreenSnapz067

            The security guard had no right to manhandle Small. This was a public forum and he has the right to express what he wants according to the 1st Amendment. Not only was the security guard wrong, but so were the leaders. They never let him speak! This is ridiculous and unfair! It shows how we really don’t have the freedom to say what we want. Robert Small was invited along with other parents to voice their opinions but here he was interrupted, assaulted, and arrested.

Article: http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/parent_arrested_for_asking_unscripted_question_at_school_meeting_20130922

Video:                                                                                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2Ux44OgIUc

Court overrules the anti-begging law as unconstitutional

             On Wednesday, April 10 2013, the Court overruled the Anti-begging law in Michigan because it went against freedom of speech. The case was Speet, et. al. v.  Schuette. James Speet and Ernest Sims were two homeless men who were arrested by Grand Rapids police for asking for change. The Anti-begging law in Michigan was legal for the past 85 years and only now overturned. The counter argument for this was that beggars beg for money for drugs or alcohol.


              I am personally glad that this is gone. Not all people are begging to mishandle the money. This law was unreasonable and unfair. James Speet was also arrested once before, for asking for bus fare. That has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. Some people need the basic things like food and money to create something to take care of themselves. If other states have this law, I’m hoping it soon goes out.

Ex-Minister of Defense of Canada Admits

In May 2013, Ex-Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer of Canada officially admitted there has been at least 4 species of extraterrestrials visiting the earth for thousands of years. Not only that, but he also says 2 species have been working with the American government. He believes the world should be ready to know this part of the truth by now and he has more to tell but it’s for later. Hellyer wants the world to get past the shock and become spiritual and open-minded so that major issues of the world can be solved.


I definitely agree with Hellyer since there is so much evidence proving there are beings more intelligent than us humans in the world. It’d be very ignorant if someone believed we were the only ones in this forever-lasting universe. Canada is not the only country to admit there are extraterrestrials visiting. I am very open-minded and I have personally researched this subject for years. I am one citizen of the world who is ready to know more.