‘Robbed’ the bank

In August 2013, Timothy Alsip, a 50 year old homeless man in Oregon, robbed a bank of 1 dollar. But instead of running away or showing signs of being a maniac, he sat in the lobby and waited for the police to come and arrest him. A charge of second-degree robbery was dismissed but he is in jail for not being able to afford the bail money on a third-degree theft charge. Apparently he’s been trying to get arrested for a while. He says he done this “robbery” for the health care.

Timothy Alsip robs bank

Many homeless people have been trying to get arrested for the health care and a roof over their heads. This man sadly couldn’t afford health care before. It’s unfortunate that in order to obtain health care in this country, Alsip had to take drastic measures. In a “rich” country, no one should hope for jail just to have medical treatment.




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